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Endodontic Diagnostic Exams in Cedar Hill, TX

DnA Endodontics offers comprehensive diagnostic examinations to determine the root cause of tooth problems and outline the best course of treatment. Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure you receive the highest level of care and service.

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What Are Signs You Require Endodontic Treatment?

Endodontic treatment is required when a tooth’s inner pulp is infected or inflamed. Without treatment, the condition can progress, leading to intense pain and affecting the surrounding teeth. The infection can also enter the bloodstream, wreaking havoc on your health. 

Here are signs of endodontic problems: 

Persistent Tooth Pain: It’s common to feel pain from food stuck between your teeth. However, the pain you’ll feel if you require endodontic treatment is usually much more intense. 

Increased Sensitivity to Hot and Cold: Some people naturally experience slight reactions when consuming anything hot or cold. However, increased, possibly lingering sensitivity to temperature extremes often indicates tooth pulp damage requiring endodontic treatment. 

Pain and Tenderness: Tenderness due to applying pressure on your teeth is normal. However, intense pain and tenderness at the touch of a toothbrush or when chewing is usually a sign that you require an endodontic examination to diagnose your concerns. 

Swelling or Drainage Around the Tooth:  If you notice any swelling in the gums or drainage around a tooth, you likely require root canal therapy. Otherwise, you risk the infection spreading to the surrounding teeth and your jawbone. 

Tooth Discoloration: Teeth can discolor over the years due to the natural aging process and exposure to pigmented foods and beverages, including coffee, wine, and berries. However, sudden tooth discoloration usually indicates an infection that will require endodontic treatment. 

A Bump on the Gums Near a Tooth: A pimple-like bump on the gums usually indicates an abscess. An endodontic evaluation is necessary to get your oral health back on track. 

What Happens During Your Diagnostic Exam?

Dr. Taylor will take your medical history and ask you about your concerns and any symptoms you are experiencing. The endodontic diagnosis process includes a pulpal exam known as a root canal assessment to evaluate your conditions and determine the best course of treatment. 

Sinus infections or periodontal exams cause some symptoms of tooth pulp damage. Dr. Taylor will take digital radiographs and CBCT scans to help determine whether or not you require endodontic treatment, such as root canal therapy. If so, he’ll recommend starting right away. If not, he may recommend an alternative treatment plan.

What Does Endodontic Testing Involve?

Endodontic testing has two main components, pulp sensibility and periapical testing. The pulp tests performed will determine the vitality of the dental pulp. These tests may include electric pulp testing, cold testing, thermal tests by heating gutta-percha and applying it to the tooth, percussion tests, and palpation testing.    

Once it’s established that endodontic treatment is necessary, Dr. Taylor will discuss the cause of your condition, the treatment sequence, your sedation dentistry options, and the expected course of healing. You’re welcome to ask any questions or share any concerns.

Quality Endodontic Care Near Me in Cedar Hill, TX

If you are experiencing persistent tooth pain or discomfort or if you want to learn more about our endodontic treatments, we invite you to schedule a diagnostic exam today. Dr. Taylor and his team are committed to providing the highest level of care and service to have you smiling without pain once again. We invite you to call our office to schedule your appointment or request one online today!